Michigan Cannabis Cultivation & Licensing Seminar

Gain essential knowledge of operating a cannabis grow facility from licensing to construction to operations.

Seminar Date & Location:

Time: November 8 & 9, 2017 (one-day seminar only)
8:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport
8000 Merriman Rd.
Romulus, MI 48174

Located 3.5 miles from Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport - complimentary shuttle provided.

Topics Include:

  • From application to operation
  • Designing and budgeting your high-tech cultivation greenhouse or indoor grow.
  • What could the Michigan medical cannabis market look like in 1, 2, 5 years?
  • Cannabis growing methods for production and profitability.
  • Making the most of cannabis grow budgets.
  • Grower 101

Plus more!

Featured Speakers to Include:

Joseph Wright
Former Director, Illinois Medical Cannabis Program

Topic: From application to operations - avoid the pitfalls and mistakes in both the application process and once an operation is up and running. Wright will walk you through the complex world of cannabis regulation and discuss strategies and best practices to remain compliant.

Trevor Taylor
Co-Founder/CEO of District 8 Holdings, A successful CO cannabis cultivation business

Trevor has extensive knowledge in every aspect of a cannabis cultivation operation. He is challenging the way cannabis is grown, focusing on a sustainable, pesticide free environment. District 8 is considered the leader in craft, organic cannabis cultivation. He has leaned on his past construction and civil engineering experience to design what is now considered the "standard" in eco greenhouse cannabis facilities.

Brian Corr, PhD
Grow consultant with over 40 years of experience in controlled-environment agriculture

Topic: Grower 101. From start to finish - Corr will walk you through the basic steps of growing legal medical cannabis. Many of the operational decisions made up front by an investor/applicant require this basic knowledge to help avoid expensive mistakes that can effect an operations long-term profitability.

Paul Golden,
Nexus Environmental Engineer

Golden is an engineer for Nexus Greenhouse Systems focused on the cannabis industry. His knowledge spans energy use in greenhouses, the physics of greenhouse climate control, and intensive agricultural practices used in integrated greenhouse systems today. He has a B.S. in Applied Physics and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University in 2009. He currently designs hi-tech commercial cannabis and vegetable greenhouses with a focus on production optimization.

Al Sray,
Nexus Eastern US Cannabis Facility Manager

Sray has worked with multiple medical cannabis cultivators in IL, MN, NY, PA, OH on issues ranging from licensing, to design to construction. He has also assisted cannabis grow designs and builds in MD, FL, MA and OH. He has been with Nexus and working in the greenhouse industry for more than 11 years.


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  • Manufacturing greenhouse structures with integrated agricultural technology since 1967
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  • Over 3,500,000 sf of cannabis structures built

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